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   DAMON, 2463

Birth Date: August, 2008
State: Texas

Damon is an optimistic and energetic child who loves to smile. He is a very friendly and loving child. Damon is easily excitable and is always attentive to new experiences.

When it comes to activities, Damon has no problem having fun by himself playing with toys. Damon loves to play with computers, musical instruments, and visual/audio toys, and he also enjoys playing outside. Damon likes to watch television and is very attentive to the show he is watching. Damon will pretty much eat anything he is fed. He has a great appetite and especially likes to eat pancakes, pizza, and chicken nuggets. His favorite classes in school are math, art, and science.

Damon needs attention, structure, stability, affection, and consistency provided by his parents. Damon is very receptive towards male figures. He needs a family who can also provide encouragement through social interaction.

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