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   WITSHY, 860

Birth Date: July, 1996
State: Florida

Witshy has been waiting way too long for his forever family. A delightful youth, he has the brightest smile! Witshy enjoys when people read to him and when he can hear music from toys, the radio or on television. Witshy appears happiest when people are just talking to him and seeing how he is doing. Witshy seems to be much more aware than previously believed as he responds more to verbal commands and he attempts to make more communication through his limited verbal abilities and body language. Witshy has a form of Cerebral Palsy in which he requires the use of a wheelchair. He receives therapy every day at school and communicates through smiling, verbal cues crying and touch. He has been receiving physical and occupational therapy where he has been working towards lessening the use of his wheelchair. Witshy is adored by his caregiver and he demonstrates a genuine attachment to this caregiver. Witshy will need total care for the rest of his life, therefore he needs a family that is dedicated, strong, patient and possibly experienced in the medical field to assist with Witshy’s medical needs.

Photograph by Eric Greenblatt

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