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   GERALD, 1168

Birth Date: October, 1998
State: New York

Gerald, better known as Jerry, is described by his caseworker as “fun, honest, eager-to-please and loveable!” He enjoys participating in sports, especially baseball, listening to music, playing the guitar, and learning new things. Jerry is very engaging with people. He has a high degree of emotional intelligence and is able to “read” people easily, and most times, accurately. Jerry will be entering 11th grade this fall and particularly enjoys his math class. His dreams for the future are to be a “normal kid” with a family who will care for him no matter what, to have a job and earn money, to have more independence, to be trusted, and to continue visits and phone calls with his siblings whom he loves and misses very much. Jerry has experienced potential adoptive families “changing their mind” about adoption. Although he is a little apprehensive about adoption, his worker says he is willing, and has a “sweet and open heart.” Jerry deserves a loving, active family who will help him to reach his full potential.
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