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   REGGINALD, 1199

Birth Date: November, 1998
State: Georgia

Regginald, also known as Reggie, is a friendly teen who enjoys reading and wants to be a doctor when he grows up. He is a bright and dependable young man who also enjoys attending church, cooking, and collecting car magazines. Reggie has a great smile which is easily shared when attention is being paid to him. You can also see this smile when he is dancing, going to the movies, going out to dinner, playing video games, and spending time on the computer. He is a generous and creative person who is able to take direction well and has the ability to make others laugh when least expected. Reggie wants to be adopted and would do best in an adoptive family where there is clear and firm structure, limits, and boundaries. This family will need to support Reggie’s desire to maintain contact with his siblings.
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