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Birth Date: July, 1998
State: New York

Saincillya, better known as Jay, describes himself as a good listener who others feel comfortable going to with their problems. Musically gifted, Jay enjoys singing, rapping and playing the guitar. Jay often writes music about his past and finds this therapeutic. In the past, Jay has recorded songs and is currently writing what he hopes to record as a full album. Jay enjoys sports, especially baseball and basketball. He also likes to draw, specifically birds, cartoons and graffiti. An avid reader, Jay says he finished 5 books in one week! His favorite foods are macaroni and cheese, fried chicken, broccoli and Spanish rice. Favorite music artists: Chris brown, Enrique Iglesias, Lil’ Wayne and Drake and his own music that he makes. Favorite movies: Insidious, Here Comes the Boom, Ice Age, Parental Guidance, Life of Pi, Romeo and Juliet. In 10th grade, Jay is in special education classes where his emotional needs are met. Jay plans to attend college and obtain a degree in teaching. Jay is a strong advocate for himself. A patient, open family is being sought. A family who is understanding of Jay’s desire to maintain a relationship with his siblings and those who are important to him is ideal. Jay does well with younger children. Jay’s caseworker says, “Jay does have a tough exterior and can be, like any teenager… but he is a fantastic, artistic, loving kid. Jay is very loyal, very bright and very funny.” Jay hopes that his family will be nice and fun, tell him stories at night, spend time with him, and help him with his homework. He adds, “I just want a loving, caring family.”
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