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   AVONT 'CODY', 1985

Avont 'Cody'
Birth Date: November, 2000
State: Michigan

Avont, better known by his middle name, Cody, is a friendly youth with a great sense of humor. His hobbies include collecting Pokemon cards, playing basketball, skateboarding and playing with action figures. His favorite music is techno and he loves the band, Tyko. His favorite foods are macaroni and cheese, salad, broccoli, pineapple and apples. In school, he really enjoys computer class.

Cody’s dream for the future is to be adopted. He has no cultural, racial or ethnic preferences and just hopes for a permanent, loving home that will allow him contact with his siblings. Cody has not been able to see his two brothers and sister in more than three years. The adoptive family who has all three is unwilling to allow contact with Cody although Cody very much wants to have a relationship with his siblings.
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