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   CONSUELA, 2020

Birth Date: September, 2002
State: Florida

Consuela, born September 2002, is a total girly girl! She loves all things glitter and pink. She is a big fan of the Disney Channel and Miss. Kitty clothes. She can be bashful until she gets to know you, and then is sweet, good natured and desires to please. Consuela is very artistic and loves to draw, color and make things. She also likes socializing with friends and she attends girl scouts. Her favorite foods are chocolate and jolly ranchers, noodles, pasta and tacos. In 4th grade special education classes, Consuela receives help to address her developmental delays. She can become frustrated when she is not able to perform to the ability she expects of herself. She works hard despite challenges and says she likes most school subjects, especially history. Consuela is very optimistic and excited about the possibility of adoption. She is looking forward to living with her forever family and is hoping for a home with animals. She would also like to maintain contact with her siblings through the use of communication, social media and visits as able. Jaccours, born November 1998, can be reserved at times, but is very charismatic and always has a smile on his face. He loves music and enjoys singing. Jaccours achieves good grades in school despite his challenges. He receives special education services to address mild mental retardation. His favorite subject is art and music. Recently, Jaccours has shown great improvements in his behaviors and life skills. He is looking forward to one day having pets in his future family, as well as his own room. Jaccours is anxious about change and will need an understanding, patient family that is willing to work at his pace during transition. Consuela and Jaccours are siblings looking for a permanent home where they can be placed together; they are currently in separate placements. Their ideal family will provide stability, the understanding of forever, and consistency. Consuela and Jaccours have other siblings with whom they would like to maintain contact.
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