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   SEAN, 2098

Birth Date: June, 2003
State: Washington

Sean is a very sweet, engaging, and eager-to-please boy. His favorite movie is the Lion King, which has stimulated a fascination with all things related to the various African people and their cultures. Among his favorite playthings are building blocks, Hotwheels, Playdoh and stuffed animals. Sean also loves to play outdoors. Pizza and ice cream are two of his most favored treats. Despite the significant losses Sean has experienced due to multiple moves in foster care, and his challenging developmental issues, he has shown that he has the ability to form attachments to significant adults. Sean came into foster care at birth. Limited prenatal care and possible prenatal alcohol and drug exposure are believed to have contributed to the medical needs he experienced at birth involving his heart and lungs and his global developmental delays. Seanís cognitive and behavioral issues cause him to function as a much younger child. With that level of development and his history of multiple moves, transitions are especially hard for Sean. Sean also has significant delays in his social, motor, and language skills, especially his expressive speech abilities, and takes medication to help manage attention difficulties and high energy. Seanís behavioral symptoms are characteristic of autism, fetal alcohol effects, and Tourettes. Over the last year Sean has made some great developmental and intellectual improvements. He is meeting all of his IEP goals and is best served in a self-contained classroom setting. In November 2012 Sean was moved to a group home in Eastern WA that specializes in caring for children with developmental delays. Sean has developed a strong attachment to his case manager affectionately referring to him as ďDaddy Lion.Ē During the last school year Sean was able to participate in a school music recital and had made friends at school. Seanís case manager reports that he craves physical contact with caregivers but also needs strict behavioral management to be successful. Sean functions best with a firm parenting structure with clear, consistent consequences for negative behaviors. Seanís adoptive family needs to have experience through parenting, teaching, counseling, etc., with children who have special needs and behavioral challenges. They also need to be comfortable working with multiple resources which will likely include medical, developmental, mental health, and special education services. A structured, stable home with a very consistent daily routine and adults who routinely interact with patience, calmness, and nurturing will go a long way toward helping Sean thrive. Due to his high needs Sean would do best as the youngest child in a two parent home. However single parent and multiple child families will be considered on a case by case basis.
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