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   DONNA, 2101

Birth Date: September, 1999
State: Ohio

Donna is a thoughtful, upbeat and responsible youth who says she dreams of one day having “a nice house and family to call my own”. This kind, independent and protective young lady loves to write poems, stories, and songs! She also likes music, writing, reading, coloring and running. She says she likes to hang out with nice people and does not like it when people talk about her family in a negative way. Donna loves animals, especially cats. Her favorite food is corn dogs and her least favorite are beets and tomatoes. In 8th grade regular classes, her favorite subject is Math. Her goal for the future is to pursue a career as a Massage Therapist, Counselor, or Tutor! Donna very much wants a forever family. She says she wants an adoptive family that is willing to listen to her, care about her, and support her. The ideal family for Donna will support her in her goals for the future and commit to loving her forever.
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