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   DESTINY, 2424

Birth Date: November,
State: Texas

Destiny is an energetic and engaging youth with a great imagination. She loves being outside and she is fascinated with nature. Her fascination includes insects and plants.

Destiny is also very funny and she enjoys making up jokes to tell adults and peers. Doing impressions from movies and television shows is something else that Destiny enjoys. She is a great physical comedian and will perform whole scenes that seem to come straight from classic slapstick comedy.

Destiny tends to relate better with adults than with her peers, but she continues to work on improving interactions with peers. Destiny is very independent and creative and usually prefers to play alone. She enjoys playing games, especially when she’s winning.

Destiny makes good grades in school and does well academically.

Destiny will benefit from an experienced family who is patient and will provide her with one-on-one attention. Trust may develop slowly with Destiny and her family. She will need a family who is understanding and committed to her. Destiny's family will allow her choices in situations to help her feel as if she has some say in her life. Destiny needs a family who is structured, predictable, nurturing, and unconditionally accepting.

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