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   MOESHA, 2437

Birth Date: July, 1999
State: Texas

Moesha is fun, out-going, and an animal lover at heart. She dreams of having a dog of her own one day and looks forward to the responsibilities that come with a pet. She enjoys reading and her favorite series right now is TWILIGHT.

Moesha is a very bright student; she enjoys school and excels at all she puts her mind to. She likes helping in the kitchen and is excited to have a mom who will show her how to cook. She enjoys singing, cooking, and gardening.

Moesha thrives best in structured environments and needs regular reminders to complete her daily routines. She, like any child, needs to be surrounded by love and laughter, and she hopes that she finds her forever family soon. Moesha needs a family who is patient and is willing to do many pre-placement visits, as she struggles with change and trusting others. Moesha will thrive best with a loving and supportive family who can provide a significant amount of structure. The family needs to be patient and willing to demonstrate the ability to implement daily routines on a consistent basis.

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