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   ZAVEAN, 2462

Birth Date: February, 2001
State: Texas

Zavean is a very active and energetic child. He loves playing outside and loves to run. He enjoys going to skate parks and playing basketball with friends. Although Zavean enjoys outside recreations, he also delights in inside activities such as indoor skating, movie theatres, and laser tag. He also takes joy in playing the latest video games. Zavean enjoys playing alone but can also play and share with others. He is open-minded to any and all types of sports and activities and is willing to learn those that are not familiar to him. Zavean does well in school and enjoys math and science classes. He loves art and is very skilled at creating drawings and paintings. Zavean easily makes friends and engages others through laughter. Zavean wants to be adopted and have a family to call his own. He would do well in a structured home that can maintain the level of energy and activities that he enjoys. He needs a family who will continue to provide the structure that has been essential to him as well as a stable environment. Zavean is looking for the family who will open their home as well as their hearts with the love he wants.

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