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   CHINA, 2482

Birth Date: May, 2002
State: Texas

Meet China, a creative, outgoing, family oriented, youth. She is energetic and active, and loves to tumble and do gymnastics. She has a passion for music and dancing. China loves people who are funny and make her laugh. She loves sports including volleyball, swimming, and basketball.

Dogs are a must for China. She hopes her family will support her in volunteering at a local animal shelter. China is gentle and kind with dogs and would love to adopt one.

She makes friends easily and has a great personality. Her favorite books include Twilight and The House of Night series. One thing she is interested in learning is sign language. Her favorite subjects in school are math, reading, and PE.

China needs a structured family who can provide love and humor. She needs a family who will set clear and consistent boundaries and offer positive reinforcement. It is important for her family to be an advocate for her in the school system as well as in life. China would like a fun family who enjoys doing things together and makes her feel like she is part of a team.

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