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   CRAIG, 886

Birth Date: February, 1999
State: New York

Craig is described by his caseworker as a “funny, cute and loving” boy. He enjoys playing outside, stuffed animals, hearts, balloons and music. Craig loves to eat and is not picky at all! He attends a school for children with developmental disabilities. His favorite class is gym and he can read and comprehend at the kindergarten/first grade level. Craig’s worker at his residential treatment facility says Craig enjoys being helpful to staff. He participates in meals on wheels and likes handing the meals to the elderly. Craig will complete one task given to him at a time - he particularly enjoys helping in the kitchen. Craig loves anything SpongeBob, going off campus, taking walks and playing on the playground. He also enjoys cleaning. He can keep himself busy, but needs line-of-site supervision. Craig sleeps through the night well. He plays well with other children, but can have typical difficulties with sharing. He particularly does well with children his age and younger. Craig has a contagious smile and can be charming and sweet. He has great charisma and works well with one-on-one attention. Craig is great at remembering people and associating them with how they fit into his world. He recently went on an outing with his adoption worker where he asked multiple times about when he will meet his “new family.” We later found out that Craig only asks this question to this worker because he understands her role in his life. Craig can work hard to complete tasks. He enjoys feeling helpful and will do chores around the classroom and the dorm. He enjoys recycling with his class, which includes paper sorting, shredding and bottle return at the recycle center in the community. He has also recently gained interest in sweeping! Craig also loves to dance and listen to music – especially pop songs with a good beat! When in need of comfort, Craig turns to his medium sized SpongeBob stuffed animal. Craig benefits from a consistent, structured routine and likes familiarity. Craig is able to form positive connections with others.
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