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   ISAAC, 731

Birth Date: October, 1996
State: New York

Issac is a skilled athlete who loves every and any sport! He is a helpful young man who enjoys doing chores and often helps around the house without being asked! Shy at first but once he develops a relationship, Isaac cares deeply about others and cherishes time spent one-on-one. He enjoys seasonal activities like apple picking, sledding and being outside. Isaac also loves country music and collecting CDs. He always wants to put his best foot forward when dressed in a nice outfit. He collects ties and would like to own a suit one day. In 9th grade special education classes, Isaac receives academic and emotional support. He would benefit from an understanding family who could help him develop trust that they would be there forever. He is an adorable young teen who would make a wonderful addition to a family who could offer him the attention, encouragement and support he needs to thrive.

Photograph by Rick Warner

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