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   BRENDA, 1703

Birth Date: August, 1995
State: New York

Brenda is a goofy and humorous youth. She loves telling jokes and making others laugh. Bright and cooperative, she is active and likes to be involved in many activities. Brenda loves listening to High School Musical and loves the Disney channel. Her favorite singer is Justin Bieber and she can sing every word to almost every song. Brenda also participates in a cooking class, loves to dance, swims, and plays games on the Wii. Brenda is a talented singer and dancer, and recently performed in a talent show where she danced in front of a large group and really shined on the stage! In 9th grade special education classes, her favorite class is technology where she can learn how to build things, like the rocket she recently constructed. In the future, Brenda wants to help animals and hopes to work as a vet, or in a shelter, in the future. Generally shy at first, she needs a patient, loving family. Brenda is always talking about how much she would like to be adopted and hopes her forever family will step forward soon.

Photograph by Rachel Gracie

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