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   SETH, 1807

Birth Date: November, 1998
State: New York

Seth is a friendly youth whose greatest love is superheroes! When given the opportunity to purchase an item on a shopping trip, Seth almost always opts for a superhero costume, or art supplies that he can make into a sword or a shield. He is a creative youth with a great imagination who loves to wear a new superhero costume all day long! When he's not caught up in a superhero art project or video game, Seth also likes listening to heavy metal music, eating out at Chinese buffets, and, like most superheroes, helping people. Seth has excellent manners and always aims to please. He is a sensitive, caring youth who is careful about who he shares his amazing smile with. He will be a great addition to the forever family who takes the time to get to know him. Seth has a family members with whom he would like to maintain contact.

Photograph by Teresa Hoover


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