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   JOHNATHAN, 1914

Birth Date: July, 1998
State: New Hampshire

Johnathan, who prefers to be called “Jay”, is a friendly boy who enjoys riding his bike, playing video games, swimming, hanging out with friends, and surfing. He enjoys woodworking and building things with his hands. This teen considers himself to be musical with an interest in guitar, drums, and singing. Jay reports that he would like to learn how to cook and is not a picky eater. Chicken is his favorite food. In 8th grade, he enjoys all subjects in school, with the exception of reading. His favorite subject is math. He loves to be around people and craves adult attention. Jay is looking for a one or two parent family to have fun with. He would do best in a family with no other children or older siblings who could serve as positive role models for him. He likes cats and dogs and would like to have a pet of his own. Jay misses his older brother, who is being planned for separately, and needs a family who will help him maintain that connection. Jay also continues to grieve the loss of his father, who passed away a few years ago, so a family who understands the grieving process would be ideal.

Photograph by Marilyn Dillon

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