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   CHEYENNE, 1940

Birth Date: November, 2000
State: New York

Cheyenne is well rounded and enjoys sports, art and playing the guitar and drums. She is at home in “Rec” class where she can be active and climb the climbing wall. She has a ton of energy, but finds her calm in the classroom, where she excels.

Cheyenne is an outgoing, independent and spunky young lady who tells it like it is. She is motivated to succeed. In an essay about her future she writes,
“I would like to be close to my future adoptive family and my biological family with a bunch of pets. It would be awesome. I plan to get there by taking care of responsibilities, show that I am capable to get a job and live on my own and stay in college without my family’s help.”
Cheyenne needs a patient family who will support her in her many talents and abilities, while assuring her of their unconditional commitment as her forever family.

Photograph by Michelle Neumayer

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