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   TRAVIS, 1468

Birth Date: December, 1995
State: New York

Travis is a likeable, happy, and energetic youth. He enjoys swimming, horseback riding, photography and riding bikes. Travis has a knack for making everyone in the room smile. He has a great imagination and loves to sing. Some of his favorite things are cars and trucks, WWE, country music and playing Angry Birds and Fruit Ninja games on the iPad. In an ungraded program at a residential school, he is in a smaller classroom setting and receives counseling, occupational therapy, speech and independent living services. Travis enjoys school and dreams of being a race car driver in the future. He would love a family and talks a lot about how much he would like someone to visit. Travis has some special needs that will require a patient, supportive and understanding family. Travis brings a lot of joy to everyone around him and deserves a family who will appreciate and love him forever.
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