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   JOHN, 1984

Birth Date: January, 2002
State: Florida

John is a big fan of Japanese Anime, particularly Pokemon and Bakugan. In the Pokemon books, readers are thrust into other worldly adventures encountering protagonist and antagonists. John relates to the Pokemon characters who act impetuously when encountering strangers, unknowing if they are friends or foes. Like these characters, John has difficulties with trust and can often misperceive the intentions of others and may overact to his peersí actions or words. When not reading Pokemon, John enjoys Bakugan. In this game, characters battle to defend the universe. Similarly, John has verbal battles to protect himself n an effort to help him feel that he is safe and protected. John has been working on being able to discern the meanings behind social interactions and has been learning how to adjust his responses accordingly. His ideal family will be open to continuing to build on Johnís social skills, provide a structured, supervised environment.

Photograph by Kate Gardiner

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