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   COURTNEY, 2018

Birth Date: September, 1996
State: Ohio

Courtney is a very inquisitive girl who likes to talk and ask questions about anything and everything. She is creative, strong and optimistic and she loves animals, fashion design and arts and crafts. Courtney participates in 4H and also enjoys learning about the weather. She is a gifted artist and recently earned 2nd place in a T-shirt design contest! Courtney has a quirky sense of humor and, at times, can be very blunt about what’s on her mind! She likes a variety of foods, especially salads, pizza, candy and ice cream. In 10th grade, she enjoys science class. She also loves working with animals at her residential treatment center. She shows bunnies, but especially loves horses. She is very focused on finding a family and very much wants a family in her future. She has a preference for a single mom or two moms. Courtney needs a committed family that would be willing to participate in counseling and help her process her painful past. She will need a family that can be firm and consistent and would continue to benefit from a structured school environment. Courtney’s family should have a sense of humor, be experienced at creative parenting techniques, filled with patience, and willing to love her no matter what! Courtney is a unique girl that deserves a forever family.
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