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   SCOTT, 2023

Birth Date: January, 2001
State: Washington

Scott is a kindhearted, loving child with an infectious and funny personality. His caseworker says, “Once you meet him, you can't help but to fall in love with him." He is very charismatic, interacts well with others and has been in the same foster home for over almost 4 years.

Scott is also an energetic sports fanatic. He plays in all of the traditional sports year round. His favorites are basketball and soccer, and he recently joined a bowling league.

When he is not playing sports, Scott enjoys being outside with neighborhood kids, picking blackberries, riding his bike, playing video games, swimming, playing with Legos or Hot Wheels, cooking, drawing, and going to the dollar store to spend his allowance and reward money.

Scott has the unique ability to memorize bus routes; he enjoys riding the bus and hopes to be a bus driver one day!

In school he is in special education classes. He functions well in most subjects, but because of his developmental delays, he struggles sometimes. But consistency, rewards and incentives work great with Scott!

Scott will benefit from a patient, 2-parent family who will allow him time to build a trusting connection and will encourage a continued relationship with his current foster family. He does well with pets and other children of all ages. He will need a family who is committed to advocating for the services he needs throughout his life. “Scott is a charming and very personable young man who is definitely worth the extra supports he needs,” says his worker.

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