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   ANTONIO, 2026

Birth Date: August, 1998
State: New Mexico

Antonio is an athletic, talkative animal lover who plays many sports, including baseball and football. His favorite football team is the Dallas Cowboys. He thrives when active and enjoys walks, going to the park, riding his bike, swimming and playing catch. Antonio also likes playing indoors and enjoys taking care of animals. Antonio is also very patient with younger children. His favorite food is pizza; he is not a fan of lima beans or mandarin oranges. In 9th grade, special education classes, Antonio’s favorite subjects include those that allow him to be active like physical education. He would benefit from a family that could help him increase his reading skills. When he grows up, Antonio hopes to be a kickboxer or UFC fighter. Antonio is looking forward to being adopted and hopes for a family with pets that will allow him to stay in contact with his relatives who are an important part of his life. He is hoping for an active family who will commit to loving him forever. The ideal family for Antonio will provide structure, nurturance and advocate for his educational needs.
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