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   CODY, 2033

Birth Date: June, 1999
State: Washington

Cody is kind, outgoing, engaging and respectful. He likes to volunteer in community activities where he is able to give back, including planting trees on the weekends. It is not surprising then, that one day he would like to work in a non-profit organization that reaches out to people in need. In the 9th grade, Cody is doing extremely well at school and he is also enjoying being a role model for the other boys at his current foster home. He is currently really interested in his robotics class. He also loves to be outside riding his bike, catching frogs and snow boarding. You can also find him reading, drawing, playing video games and building with his legos. Cody is very much looking forward to his forever family. He will need a family who is patient with a strong male role model since he tends to connect and relate better to males.
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