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   DOUGLAS, 2063

Birth Date: November, 1999
State: Arizona

Douglas better known as Doug, loves military history and science. He is an intelligent, funny, shy youth who can be a little reserved at first. He really enjoys participating in Boy Scouts and is very interested in camping, fishing and hunting. He likes to learn things on his own rather than in a structured setting which can make school challenging for him. However, he is very intelligent and capable of earning A’s and B’s. He has a knack for building and engineering things like cars and models. Doug has a passion for animals, from “hamsters to horses.” He would love his future home to have pets. He hopes to join the military someday but in the meantime, he is working on other hobbies like cooking. Doug has been through a lot of let downs and he can be slow to warm up to new people. He will need a family with a strong male role model. Doug has one sister who has already been adopted that he would like to stay in touch with.
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