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   KANIN, 2062

Birth Date: March, 2000
State: Arizona

Kanin is an energetic, compassionate and funny young man who loves rock music and superheroes. He also loves Star Wars and being active by lifting weights. Kanin is passionate about animals and has a special gift with them. In the future, he would like to have a career working with them. At one time, he had his own dog that he worked on training to be a therapy dog. For the present, he bonds with them as a coping skill. He is quite the joker and likes to tell stories that he has made up. Kanin likes to spend time with adults and is sensitive to how others are feeling. He wants desperately to have a family that will commit to him by seeing him through his ups and downs. Kanin is a special boy who brings great joy to those he loves. He has been waiting a long time and canít wait to find his forever family.
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