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   DARRIANNE, 2069

Birth Date: February, 2002
State: Washington

Darrianne is a strong, cheerful and courageous young lady. She has a love for art and creating jewelry. In the past, she loved Disney and Barbie but her interests are changing to those of a “tween” like Justin Bieber. Darrianne likes pop and country music as well as singing to herself but she really loves being in the kitchen, baking and cooking. Due to her consistent medical needs, she is behind academically. Darrianne and her academic support team are committed to her academic achievement. Darrianne likes to focus on the now and stay positive, which shows through her smile and ability to get others to bond and laugh. She would do well in a two-parent household to accommodate her medical needs and she adds, “a home with other kids and pets!” Darrianne is very bonded to the staff at Ashley House since she has lived there since she was an infant and it would be comforting for her to remain in contact with them as well as the staff at Seattle Children’s hospital.
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