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   JILLIAN, 2087

Birth Date: May, 1998
State: Florida

Jillian is an incredibly sweet and at times, mischievous child who is great at making friends She loves swimming, swinging outside, coloring and playing in nature. Jillian has a hard time with change but can overcome her anxiety easily when she is with someone loving and nurturing. In the 10th grade, she is on track to receive a special diploma. Her favorite food is chicken nuggets but recently, she is starting to enjoy a bigger variety from spaghetti to tacos. She jokes that her favorite subject in school is lunch! Jillian hopes to find a family that loves the outdoors and will let her swing and play outside often. She would do best as an only child due to her special needs but could easily acclimate to a home with other children. She loves animals, especially dogs. Jillian is unaware of what adoption means to her but she loves the feeling of being a part of a family unit. She will need lifelong adult care.
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