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Dallys, Denver, Yasmyn & Zniyah
State: Georgia

Dallys, born February of 1997, is a self-described honest, trustworthy and respectful teen. Her siblings’ happiness brings her great joy. Dallys also enjoys reading, baking, eating, doing word search puzzles, playing tennis and participating in drama class. Enrolled in regular classes, she is a good student, as well as a good athlete and leader. With aspirations of being an entrepreneur someday, she plans to attend college and earn a business degree. In the future, she hopes to own her own hair salon or bakery. Denver, born August of 1999, is a fun young man with a good sense of humor. He always enjoys a good joke! Denver also likes creating art, playing games, playing soccer, going shopping, listening to music, and dancing. Enrolled in regular classes, Denver performs well academically and socially. Athletic and artistic, he hopes to become a choreographer someday. Yasmyn, born June of 2001, is also known as “Yatti.” A polite, smart girl, she enjoys creating art and reading. Like her brother, Yatti has a good sense of humor and appreciates a good joke. She also likes to ride her scooter, play board games and watch movies. Enrolled in regular classes, Yatti is a bright student with great potential and plans to be a lawyer someday. Zniyah, better known as “Niyah”, was born in January of 2003. A sweet girl with a beautiful smile, she communicates well with her peers and adults, once she’s comfortable. Niyah loves playing with her brother, receiving presents and eating cake. She also likes to create art, read, ride her scooter and play board games. Enrolled in regular classes, Niyah is a very good student. She enjoys math and wants to be a doctor when she grows up. Dallys, Denver, Yasmyn and Zniyah are a close-knit and friendly sibling group. They want to be placed together and maintain relationships with previous foster parents and current friends. The siblings need a loving, attentive forever family who can provide a stable environment.
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