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Jontavious & J'Onetavious
State: Georgia

Jontavious, born July of 1996, is a kind-hearted, mature teen who makes friend easily. Better known as “Keshone”, he enjoys looking good by dressing in the latest fashions. Keshone participates in ROTC and plays tuba in the school band. His iPod is never far away as he loves listening to music. Keshone occupies himself easily with XBox and other video games. He desires a future career in music production.

J’Onetavious, born July of 1998, is better known as “Sebastian.” He is easy to smile and has a great sense of humor. Sebastian is very bonded to his brother and often uses humor as a good-natured way of teasing him. Although inquisitive and capable, he has difficulty applying himself in school. Sebastian gets along with his peers, loves music and plays the baritone saxophone. He also likes to play basketball, video games, and go swimming.

Jontavious and J’Onetavious are closely bonded brothers. They need a kind, loving and committed family who is able to establish clear boundaries. Most importantly, they need a family committed to keeping them together.

J'ONETAVIOUS HAS BEEN PLACED. Jontavious is still available.

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