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Miracle, Angel, Tyrese, Jeremiah & Tiffany
State: Florida

Meet this sibling group of five! Tiffany, Tyrese, Angel and Jeremiah. With this sibling group, your life will be absolutely bursting with love and excitement. Tiffany., age 12, is a sweet little chatter box. She likes a variety of things from fishing, arts and crafts, Zumba and sports. Tiffany is a “girly girl” who likes doing her hair, painting her nails, doing her makeup and playing dress up. Her favorite foods are fried chicken, hot dogs, pizza and veggies. She likes all pets and hopes that her new family has a dog for her to play with. Tiffany does well in school and is on the AB honor roll. She has a lot of friends at school and she wants to be adopted out of foster care so she can have a “normal life” like her friends. Miracle, age 10, is the quiet one of the bunch. She is calm and soft spoken. Once Miracle warms up to you, she livens up and is a joy to be around. She too is a self-described, “girly-girl.” In school, math is her favorite subject and she earns good grades. She likes all animals with the exception of cats. Miracle wants to be adopted and she says that she “doesn’t care what kind of family they are, as long as they love her and her siblings and treat them nicely.” Tyrese, age 9, loves basketball and aspires to be a NBA all star! He has the most needs of the children and currently lives in a separate home. Tyrese has some behavioral issues stemming from removal. He struggles in school academically but he is getting the support he needs from a team of service providers that work with him on a continual basis. Tyrese wants any kind of family that will love him. He will benefit from a family with a lot of love, patience and structure. Angel, age 7, is a very friendly, active and social youth. He likes football, drawing and going to the beach. He also likes going to school although he struggles behaviorally and academically at times. Angel is receiving help within his school to keep him on track. He says he wants a family that “likes to have fun.” Jeremiah, age 5, is a sweet little child with the most adorable round cheeks! He loves to go to recess and play outside. At school, he gets along with his peers very well. He hopes his future family will have a pet dog and if not adopted together, an adoptive family who will let him keep in touch with his siblings. Jeremiah has a slight speech impediment but is otherwise, a healthy young boy. The agency would like to find a great family that can adopt all five children together; however, we are exploring families that can adopt any of the children who will allow them to remain in contact.
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