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Quarnesha, Kayla and Theresa
State: Florida

This close-knit sibling group of three wants nothing more than to find their forever family together. Quarnesha is a sweet-natured and shy child. She is the quietest of the three girls and she can be easy to please. She loves outdoor activities like going to the beach and the park. Above all, she loves hanging out with her two sisters that she thinks the world of. She looks up to her older sister, Theresa, a great deal. Quarnesha can have a hard time dealing with changes in her routine and she also struggles with large crowds. However, she is very friendly and once she makes friends, she is able to open up. Currently in the 9th grade, she is on track to receive a special diploma. Kayla is a “girly girl” who can be strong-willed, independent and bossy at times. She enjoys creative and artistic activities as well as anything “girly” like getting dressed up. Kayla loves being social and spending time with her friends and her sisters. She is currently in the 7th grade and requires specialized classes due to her difficulty with speech and understanding language. Overall, she is doing well in her classes. Theresa is a very sweet, social and friendly young lady. She is the most outgoing of her sisters and the “leader” of them as well. In her free time, she enjoys cheerleading, dance and hanging out with her friends. She adores fashion and pop culture. Theresa has a very creative side that she uses for decorating and fashion purposes. In the 10th grade, she is doing well overall. She wants to go to college to major in either fashion or design. Quarnesha, Kayla and have never been separated and provide support for each other. All three girls have distinct special needs and are hoping to find a family that can continue to make great progress in establishing themselves as successful young women.
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