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Tommie and Janiya
State: Florida

Tommie can be shy, but after you get to know him, you will discover he is quite funny and energetic! He enjoys playing video games, football and reading. In the 4th grade, his favorite subject in school is reading. He is very active so he benefits from a structured school setting. Tommie will do well in a home with other kids and he loves animals. He really likes dogs and he took very good care of the pet dog in his previous foster home. Although it is difficult for Tommie to understand adoption, he does express the desire to live with a family. Janiya is a loving, affectionate young lady who enjoys helping people. She likes pets and playing with younger kids. She is also very inquisitive and enjoys learning. Janiya is a social butterfly who loves to be in the limelight. She enjoys singing and writing songs in her journal. She takes pride in her school work and her favorite subject is math. Like Tommie, Janiya would do well in any type of home and loves the responsibility of taking care of family pets. Janiya and Tommie both desire to be adopted into a loving, patient and nurturing family.
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