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   ELANA, 2042

Birth Date: February, 1998
State: Washington

Elana is a self-described “girly girl” who enjoys getting her nails and hair done as well as going shopping. She also likes art, having recently taken a pottery glass that she really liked. Fashion, the Twilight series, music, specifically Justin Beiber, and social networking are also among her favorite things. Elana can be very compassionate, as she has demonstrated in her kind and patient ability to mentor children with physical disabilities at her school. She is currently doing well in school behaviorally and academically however, she struggles with poor executive functioning skills. She has an individualized learning plan at school for math, speech, language and behavior. Her favorite subject in school is art and in the future, she will most likely pursue a career in fashion or social networking. Elana is ready to find her forever family. She is very much looking forward to finding a family to love and dote upon her. A single mother or two-parent family would be best in a home where she is the only child or the youngest of much older siblings. Elana would do best with a family who understands the impact of trauma, especially with a child who had mild developmental delays. She would very much appreciate having a family that would honor her roots and allow her opportunities to learn more of and participate in the African American community. Additionally, she has formed a close bond with her current foster family and would like to remain in contact with them.
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