Name: Aarionna

Case Number: 1780

Date of Birth: 2001

Gender: Girl

State: New York

Additional Information: Aarionna is a resilient, adorable young woman with a great smile. Her favorite activities include drawing, painting and arts and crafts. Aarionna also likes to ride her bike, eat her favorite snack foods (chocolate and potato chips!) and write poetry. She can often be found singing along to her favorite songs on the radio. Aarionna can be quiet and shy around new people however once she gets comfortable, she opens up and is very funny. In 5th grade, she receives additional supports to ensure her academic success. She struggles with reading but it is her favorite subject, as well as writing. She is able to form trusting relationships with adults and enjoys sharing good conversation about things that are important to her. Aarionna is looking forward to being adopted by a single mother or a mom and a dad, and it is recommended that she be the youngest or only child. She hopes for a family who "looks like her." She has siblings with whom she visits and she needs a family who will honor and help her to maintain those connections. Aarionna needs a patient family who can provide her with structure and unconditional love. Photograph by Rachel Gracie