Name: David

Case Number: 2120

Date of Birth: 2000

Gender: Boy

State: New York

Additional Information: With an active side, David enjoys playing basketball, bike riding, swimming, soccer, baseball, softball, skateboarding, kickball, roller skating, and football. He is the point guard and captain for his campus basketball team. Other favorites include puzzles, video games, drawing, reading, cooking, pottery, art and music – we told you this young man was active! David is a bright boy who can demonstrate excellent manners. When asked to reach a goal, David often offers to go above and beyond what is being asked. He has been described as thoughtful, kind, talkative, humorous and creative. His favorite class is gym. He says he also likes learning about geology and enjoys collecting rocks. David is excited to have a job in his school’s cafeteria, serving lunch to his fellow classmates. David will be moving to a group home to work on his independent living skills. He’s due to graduate high school this year and will continue his education with an adult education program. An adult in his life says, "He will aspire to whatever it is you present him the opportunity to aspire to. David is always the first one on the field to play games. He's the one who wants to hike; he wants to climb. He is an opt-in kind of human being." When asked what he would like to add to his narrative, David says, “Any of you families out there come and get me! I want a mom and a dad or a mom and a mom. I like families that have other kids and are very, very active.”