Name: Jackson

Case Number: 2203

Date of Birth: 2004

Gender: Boy

State: North Carolina

Additional Information: Jackson is described by others as intelligent and smart. He has a charismatic personality. Jackson is a helpful young man who requires structure and guidance. Jackson has an array of interest. Basketball, football, and baseball are all sports he has expressed interest in. He enjoys many other activities such as drawing, being creative with Legos, or simply reading a book. His teachers say Jackson is a smart young man who tries hard to succeed. Reading is his favorite subject. Jackson does not particularly care for math. He has dreams of one day becoming a basketball player. Jackson also loves the military and supports anything associated with the military. He has expressed interest in both the Army and the Marines. Jackson is excited about the idea of being adopted. He dreams of one day becoming a member of a family that he can call his own. The ideal forever family for Jackson has a strong support system and no other children in the home. Jackson would benefit most from a family that is willing to commit to providing him with a high level of supervision, unconditional love, guidance, and clear boundaries. The family for Jackson should also be able to offer him stability, structure, and consistency.