Name: JaMario

Case Number: 2206

Date of Birth: 2008

Gender: Boy

State: North Carolina

Additional Information: Described as excitable and carefree, JaMario likes to try new things. He is outgoing with a funny disposition. JaMario is active, energetic, and enjoys participating in sports such as baseball and karate. He likes to watch professional wrestling and play video games. An adventurous young guy, not only does he enjoy trying new things, but he loves to travel to see and experience new places. He also enjoys participating in youth group activities at church. Church is an important component in JaMario’s life and he desires a family who will support, encourage, and share in church activities. JaMario would benefit most from a home with strong parents that are loving, patient, and consistent. Structure and routine will be key components in JaMario’s success in a new environment. The ideal family will have realistic expectations and have a home with clear rules and boundaries. JaMario deserves the love and stability a forever family will provide. JaMario has established relationships with birth family. His forever family will need to be open, willing, and committed to supporting these connections.