Name: Keesha

Case Number: 2218

Date of Birth: 2001

Gender: Girl

State: New York

Additional Information: Keesha is a sweet, talkative, genuine youth. She loves swimming, activity books and crafts. Pink and purple are her favorite colors. Listening to Bruno Mars makes her happy. She also likes to find treasures and just be a kid! Some of her favorite activities include coloring and drawing. She has a beautiful smile and loves to laugh. Keesha takes pride in keeping her bedroom and her treasures tidy and organized. She enjoys going to school and is currently studying Harriet Tubman and loves learning about her accomplishments. When asked what makes Harriet so interesting to her, Keesha replies, “I think she’s the coolest! She freed 300 slaves!” Keesha needs a patient, understanding family who will advocate for her, love her and help her to feel safe.