Name: Richard and Jessie

Case Number: 2226

Date of Birth: 2003

Gender: Boy

State: Texas

Additional Information: Richard and Jessie are two peas in a pod. They both generally like to do anything outdoors, like swimming, basketball, and football. Richard and Jessie have also developed a liking for fishing and hiking. They have become real outdoorsmen! Although they love the outdoors, they also have interests in things indoors as well. They love to play video games together. They are very close to each other and they have a strong bond. They defend each other and protect each other. They also need their space and time alone as well. Richard would like to stay in touch with his tribe and embrace his culture. He enjoys football, video games, shopping for clothes and shoes. He has a heart of gold. He wants to be a YouTuber and landscaper, if he goes to trade school. Jessie loves to play football and help his foster dad at work, and he also loves TikTok, dogs, and track, and is a social butterfly. He likes shopping for clothes. Birthdates: Richard – 2003, Jessie – 2005