Name: Brandon and Abram

Case Number: 2248

Date of Birth: 2001

Gender: Boy

State: Texas

Additional Information: Brandon and Abram are twin brothers who have a very close relationship with each other. They have a strong bond, which allows each of them to lean on and confide in the other during rough times. They each communicate well and give each other positive advice. They consider themselves more than just brothers; they consider themselves friends. Like many twins, Brandon and Abram have many similarities in terms of character and physical appearance. Although they look alike and have many similarities, they do have different views on certain topics. Both would like an active family who will ride bikes with them, enjoy camping as a family, spend time at the park, and play with remote control cars. Abram and Brandon wish to be adopted together by a loving, stable, nurturing, and pet-loving family. They want to feel accepted and unconditionally loved. Abram and Brandon will benefit from a structured home environment. Their family will encourage them and emphasize the importance of education. They would like an active family who will encourage their participation in different physical activities.