Name: Jessy, Jesus, Jose Adrian, Jose Alfredo, and Maria

Case Number: 2259

Date of Birth: 2002

Gender: Boy

State: Texas

Additional Information: Jessy, Jesus, Alfredo, Adrian, and Micaela are all sweet children. They get along well with one another and they dream about belonging to a family. Jessy is the oldest and is protective of his younger siblings. Jesus enjoys playing with others as well being the center of attention. Jose Alfredo and Jose Adrian have the closest relationship of the group as they are twins. They have similar interests, such as playing chess, participating in tournaments, and playing video games. Jose Alfredo is the more talkative and outgoing of the twins, while Jose Adrian is more shy and reserved. Maria Micaela is the youngest of the group and enjoys being in the spotlight. They are all sociable and make friends easily. Birthdates: Jessy - 2002, Jesus - 2004, Jose Alfredo and Jose Adrian - 2006, Maria Micaela - 2007