Name: Kaela, Josilynn, and Seth

Case Number: 2260

Date of Birth: 2002

Gender: Girl

State: Texas

Additional Information: Kaela, Josilynn, and Seth are a lively sibling group who anxiously await their forever family. The children are endearing, loveable, and outgoing. They enjoy playing together and all things outdoors, riding their bikes, and watching TV. Josilynn is a fun-loving, happy youth who also has a serious side. She has recently discovered racing and loves to run! Kaela expresses wide-eyed wonder at life in general. She is a very social child and loves to be around her friends and family. She loves to read and is pleased with her progress. Seth is always up for action and adventure. He is constantly on the go. They need a strong family who is committed to all three of them. The family needs to provide a nurturing and structured home. The children are quite active, so it would be ideal if the family were just as active. Kaela, Josilynn, and Seth are excited about adoption and finding their family. Birthdates: Kaela – 2002, Josilynn – 2003, Seth – 2005