Name: Harold and Alford

Case Number: 2273

Date of Birth: 2003

Gender: Boy

State: Texas

Additional Information: Harold and Alford are two very loving boys with lots of energy. Harold and Alford play well together and love the outdoors, climbing, and playing basketball and football. They like to color together and play with toys that move. The boys keep themselves occupied with their toys and video games. Harold and Alford are very entertaining and love receiving lots of attention. Harold will quickly tell you that he loves you and then he will run back into his room in order to play with his toys. He loves to play games, do PaintShop on the computer, and watch television. Alford likes to play with his DSi. He will quickly tell you that his favorite color is blue and that he likes stuffed toys that light up. Alford likes to smile and laugh a lot. Harold and Alford are a great duo who share the same love for outdoor activities. Harold and Alford need a family who will provide love, patience, and attention. The children would love to be adopted by a family who has a love for sports. Birthdates: Harold – 2003, Alford – 2004