Name: Lyric and Yusuf

Case Number: 2295

Date of Birth: 2005

Gender: Girl

State: Texas

Additional Information: Lyric and Yusuf are siblings who love to have a great time together. They are a support for each other. Yusuf, being younger than Lyric, looks up to her for support. Yusuf loves to eat pizza, play games on the tablet, and visit with his sister. Lyric and Yusuf have a strong relationship. Lyric is very protective of her brother. Yusuf watches out for Lyric and makes sure that she is taking care of herself. Yusuf and Lyric need to be in a home that is willing to adopt them both. They need structure and will need to have a daily routine. Lyric and Yusuf need positive role models who will provide them with plenty of one-on-one attention and close supervision. Birthdates: Lyric – 2005, Yusuf – 2010