Name: Marcus

Case Number: 2339

Date of Birth: 2001

Gender: Boy

State: Texas

Additional Information: Marcus is best described as very rambunctious with a great smile. He is extremely active and full of energy. Marcus likes to play outside. He also likes to play "Super Heroes", with Spiderman being his favorite character as he has been for most of his life. He tends to pretend actually being Spiderman and has attempted to climb walls and has jumped from furniture. Marcus likes to keep busy and has difficulty staying focused on any one activity for long. Marcus can be very loving. He has learned to be more affectionate and trusting of others. He enjoys one-on-one attention from adults, but he also enjoys playing independently and can entertain himself. He likes playing videogames, playing with Star Wars toys, and likes virtually anything to do with Spiderman, including clothes, games, and toys. Marcus is strong-willed, spontaneous and determined. He usually has no problem standing up for himself. He has enjoyed all sports, including: swimming, hockey and basketball. Marcus will greatly benefit from a patient family that is able and willing to advocate for him at school and that has a good relationship with their school district to ensure his needs are met. His adoptive family must have the patience and energy to keep up with him. Marcus needs a family that will get him involved and keep him involved in activities at school and in the community.