Name: Shane

Case Number: 2368

Date of Birth: 2003

Gender: Boy

State: Texas

Additional Information: Shane is a very lovable, friendly child who gets along well with other children. He enjoys watching television and he recognizes familiar characters on TV. He enjoys playing in the park and he loves to wear baseball caps. He loves all outdoor activities. His favorite foods are chicken nuggets and macaroni and cheese. Shane is a happy child who follows directives well. Shane is very affectionate and loves to give hugs. He has a bright smile that will light up any room. Shane learns at a slower rate than other children his age and is making progress each day at school. He enjoys riding horses during his weekly therapy. Shane is nice to other children. He is progressing in activities of daily living, with constant reminders. Shane needs a family to provide a nurturing home for him. Shane will benefit from a family who will provide him with a loving and stable environment. He needs a family with a lot of energy. He will also benefit from a family who will stimulate him cognitively through the environment. He will thrive in a family that gives hugs and kisses freely. The family will be patient and able to meet Shane's needs. Shane would do well with a strong, stable, and patient family with or without children. His environment must be nurturing and stimulating where he can continue to learn and thrive. The family needs to advocate for Shane's educational and therapeutic needs and to be knowledgeable in accessing services for his needs.