Name: Michael

Case Number: 2371

Date of Birth: 2002

Gender: Boy

State: Texas

Additional Information: Michael is an outgoing and intelligent youth who loves to play basketball, football, and video games, and to watch movies. He loves to build Legos and enjoys collecting superhero toys. Michael also enjoys participating in arts and crafts activities. He enjoys both indoor and outdoor activities such as computer games and camping. Michael forgives and forgets easily and is able to make friends easily. Michael has an older sister with whom he strives to continue their bond. Michael yearns to belong to a forever family and have the loving attention that he deserves. Michael desires a loving family who will allow him to maintain his cultural heritage as well as background. Michael looks forward to having a family and home to call his own. Michael would like his family to champion his needs and desires to continue supportive services, and to encourage him throughout his educational journey. He needs a calm environment and parents who are consistent and can provide a structured environment. Michael will do best with a strong family who is able to set consistent boundaries, be patient, will advocate for him, and have time to give him plenty of one-on-one attention.