Name: De'Vonte

Case Number: 2376

Date of Birth: 2002

Gender: Boy

State: Texas

Additional Information: De'Vonte is a young boy who is quiet and typically does not display too many of his emotions. He is very loving towards people he considers family. He does not smile often, but he does have a wonderful smile when he is happy. De'Vonte is thoughtful, kind, and cares for the people he loves. He is well behaved and takes pride in being helpful around the house. De'Vonte is proud of this fact, which shows he really makes an effort to help and care for people. He enjoys the company of others even if he is not saying much. De'Vonte likes superhero stories, cars, and typical activities for children his age, like playing sports, video games, and card games. He also enjoys drawing. De'Vonte needs a family who will be patient with him. He is like any child who needs love, nurturing, and a safe home environment where all of his needs will be met, basic as well as social, emotional, recreational, and educational.